How I Build A Digital Marketing Strategy


Developing a marketing strategy requires experience as well as a structured process. First, I will identify and understand the bigger picture, then break it down to key-value and performance drivers, define tailored approaches, and create a roadmap for the path to success.

My Approach
  • Identify And Understand Your Target Customer.
  • Competitors Analysis.
  • Determine Your Marketing Channels.
  • Develop Your Sales Funnel.
  • Create Actionable Marketing Goals.

Marketing Strategy

After carefully reviewing your strategy, I will develop a Marketing Plan tailored to your business's needs. The detailed, step-by-step action plan, along with the Market Research, and Analysis, will help your team to get started and enable you to hire proper resources. You will not only save time and budget; you will also get the advantage of being able to focus on what matters most - your business!

  • Marketing Strategy Report

  • Tailored Action Plan

  • Customer Segmentation

  • Promotional Campaign


What Do I Receive?

You will receive a 6-20 page document with a complete Digital Marketing Strategy, including Promotional Campaign. This document will provide you with all the tools needed to enter the execution phase!

What marketing channels can you introduce?

  • Your Website (SEO)

  • Social Media & Influencers

  • Content Marketing & PR

  • Promotional Campaign

  • Email Marketing

  • PPC

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