How to Build A Successful Mobile App User Acquisition Strategy

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No matter if you are a mobile game, a mobile app, or a DApp developer, at some point, you will need to create and execute an effective user acquisition strategy to ensure the long-term success of the product.  

In my experience, there are only two crucial metrics or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to worry about. 

The first one is: 

Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

Customer lifetime value is an indicator of the total revenues your business can expect from a single customer account. CLTV compares a customer's revenue value to the predicted customer lifespan. 

Followed by:

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) 

CAC is the amount of money your business needs to invest in convincing a customer to buy a product. Therefore, Customer Acquisition Cost is an important business metric.

While the Conversion Rate plays a crucial role in the execution phase, helping you to eliminate non-converting marketing measures or channels and therefore lowering the acquisition costs, we will focus on the most critical aspects from a digital marketing strategy standpoint for now. 

If you struggle with a low Conversion Rate, feel free to read my blog post about 5 Ideas On How To Improve Your DApp's Conversion Rate.

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Without further ado, here is a useful mobile app user acquisition strategy.

Digital Video Ads

Digital Video Ads are a great way of acquiring new users for your mobile app. The costs on YouTube are relatively low, and if done right, your app will be exposed to a broad audience. 

The most important one is TrueView ads.

TrueView ads are a great way to reach your audience. Plus, you only pay when the ad has either played for 30 seconds or longer or promoted an action from your viewer.

This means that you will get a lot of awareness for free, as well as actual conversions. 

Moreover, it should be mentioned that there are two more ad formats, Non-skippable video ads (yes, the annoying ones) and Bumper ads.

  • Run video ads on Youtube to reach a wider audience and to appear in the proper context.
  • These videos should tell a story and entertain the user.
  • Share your videos across multiple platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and others, to increase awareness.

"Companies using video marketing have a 27% higher clickthrough rate and a 34% higher conversion rate than companies that don't."

Learn More: Link

Instagram & TikTok Marketing

If you are a regular follower of Gary Vaynerchuk, you know that TikTok is the s***, as he would frame it. Ad costs on TikTok are undervalued and, therefore, a great way to reach and connect with a younger audience. In terms of the content and its presentation, both platforms (Instagram and TikTok) differ slightly. However, here are some general rules to follow:

  • Produce behind the scenes content and post stories using proper and trending keywords.
  • Create engaging content on a daily bases. 
  • Ads on both platforms are a great way of increasing your reach even further.

Community Building

Something that is frequently overlooked is community building. While there isn't a specific platform that ensures success, there are certain methods to increase the chances of success. 

Generally, it's a great idea to set up a social media channel, but then, instead of just posting stuff, actually talk to your audience on other profiles or threats. Also: 

  • Create a forum for users to discuss your mobile app and to engage with your core audience.
  • Build trust by engaging with other players and answer their questions.

Partnership Development

If your project has a capable business developer, you can feel lucky. However, the majority of small-sized projects do not have that advantage. 

That's why it is essential to focus on the following items first and foremost. 

  • Partner with significant publications to expand the network of potential users who may be interested in downloading your mobile app.
  • Another benefit of a partnership is the ability to leverage its marketing capabilities for your advantage.


Press releases and advertorials provide an effective way to convey your message to your target audience. However, establishing a reliable contact list of industry-leading journalists is crucial for your mobile app's success. 

  • Contact editors at The Verge and IGN by sending them an Email about your mobile app along with a great story to cover.
  • Securing articles will benefit your website's SEO (through backlinks) and help with ASO (App Store Optimization).

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing can be tricky; however, working with several micro-influencers can help your project to increase installs significantly. 

Platforms like Famebit, who is now part of Google, were pioneers in that field and are still a great way of starting a hassle-free influencer campaign. 

  •  Working with influencers will boost your conversion rate significantly - as "personal" recommendations have an increased level of trust attached to them. 
  • Utilizing the influencer's reach on Youtube and other platforms will help your mobile app to get in front of the right audience, and therefore, resulting in more app installs. 

Google Search and Banner Ads

Google search allows you to capture the user right where he starts his search for your app (or a similar one). Using search apps will help you to reach these potential customers with a high search intent effectively. 

  • Run targeted campaigns to capture users with a high search intent (Search Ads).
  • Banner ads are also a great way of targeting the user right where he gets his information from (Mobile App News Sites etc.)

Apple Search Ads (as well as Google Play Store)

For some reason, people often overlook Apple Search Ads, which is a useful tool in your mobile app user acquisition strategy. 

  • Run apple search ads (basic & advanced) to capture the interest of users who look for similar games. 
  • Do A/B testing on the cost-per-install (CPI) model, basic, and cost-per-tap (CPT) model, which is the advanced mode.

You can learn more about Apple Search Ads here.

Here is where our list ends for now. The measures described above should help you reach more users and improve your user acquisition strategy.

Feel free to send us your feedback to info (at) We are always eager to learn and improve our content. 

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