Lost in Co-Working Space: A Beginner’s Experience

Everything seems to be as I had expected it to be, hipsters, writers, and startup CEOs. I can't help but feel a bit out of place, maybe because of the "regular-office-dude" aura I have.

My first experience as an Entrepreneur in a Co-Working space

After years of working in regular office spaces as well as my home office, I have decided to try something new - co-working. 

I have chosen Ruby Hans Workspaces Hamburg as my first destination. 

Following a warm welcome at the front desk and a quick introduction to the facilities, I get to choose a place to start working. 

10:00 AM - First Impression

Everything seems to be as I had expected it to be, hipsters, writers, and startup CEOs. I can't help but feel a bit out of place, maybe because of my "regular-office-dude" aura I seem to have. On the other hand, the entrepreneur in me encourages me to love it. We'll see.

10:30 AM - Time for Coffee

Since I picked the smallest package available, I get to sit in the so-called "open space," which seems to be not just a name. People are coming in and out casually chatting while getting some barista-style espresso, making me feel like I should socialize in here instead of getting my work done. 

Ruby Hans Workspaces Kitchen/Bar

11:00 AM - Hate/Love 

After my second all-inclusive espresso, I'm beginning to enjoy the co-working lifestyle. Every time I grab something from the Coffee Bar, I seem to connect to new people, and opportunities to do business. 

11:30 AM - Awkward?!

The friendly front desk lady has joined me and is sitting right next to me, informing a gentleman that he can't just sit here without paying the monthly rate. She's also kindly asking him not to place his company sign at the entrance before he has paid the amount due. He seems to be quite uncomfortable and keeps apologizing. 

Note to myself: Most definitely not doing any business with this man.

02:00 PM - Lunch Break

Time for a break and reflection on the day so far. In case you didn't know, I live in Hamburg, Germany - a beautiful place to work and life. People here are famous for being calm, laid-back, and friendly.  While all of these are significant advantages of Hamburg, it is a bit disappointing when you are in a co-working space where it's calmer than the Dalai lama - meaning I'm practically the only one working here on a Monday. Therefore, the bar is the only place to do some networking and connect with somebody. 

05:00 PM  - Make Yourself Home

Despite the overall emptiness of the space, it's starting to feel like home. You've got sofas all over the place along with IKEA-inspired carpets and decoration. The "lounge" music in the background creates a cozy coffee shop atmosphere. 

Ruby Hans Workspaces Meeting Room

06:00 PM - Productivity 

Surprisingly (or not), it's been a very productive day. The few co-workers I had have been very friendly and respectful. Apart from the regular distractions from the bar, it's been quiet and focused in here.


My first day in a co-working space ends here. Overall, I have enjoyed my time and managed to get most of my tasks done. I would love to see more people here in the future to leverage the networking advantage that co-working, without a doubt, has. 

Thanks to the Ruby Hans Workspaces Hamburg team for the warm welcome and overall excellent facility!

Go visit their website!

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