What is a Lead Generation Funnel and How To Execute One!

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  • Learn how to build an effective lead generation funnel that will make your B2B business flourish. 
  • Discover the secret techniques of industry-leading companies.
  • How to successfully execute a B2B lead funnel.

As a marketing consultant, I get asked many questions; the most frequent one is this:

How do I create an efficient B2B Lead Generation Funnel?

Well, first of all, there are the usual suspects of Email, Search Marketing, Social Media, and Content Marketing. However, let's start with the basics first. 

How Does A Classic B2B Lead Funnel Look Like? 

Lead generation funnel
Lead Generation Funnel - By Thiess Consulting

1. Awareness Stage: Entering the Funnel!

  • Your prospects are looking for information, solutions, or help on a particular problem. 
  • Your business has an offer they can't resist, offering a perfect solution to their problem. 

2. Consideration Stage: Lead Generation

  • At this stage, your prospects are comparing services and seeking validation for making a purchase decision. 
  • Make sure to create a sense of urgency as well as showing confidence in your service/product, e.g., get your money back if you are not satisfied. 

3. Decision Stage: Close the sale

  • Your prospects are now ready to say yes, however, try making them say "that's right" instead of just saying yes. Yes, in our polite society has close to no meaning anymore. Instead of asking yes or no questions, rephrase them, for example: "I have noticed that reliability is of the utmost importance to you?" *pause and look at him* "That's right." Now you repeat this pattern with further questions establishing a connection as well as a feeling of shared values. Then, in the end, you ask the final question, closing the sale with a yes!. 

4. Retention Stage: Nurturing

  • Continue to provide valuable information and industry insights through direct mail, newsletters, or a call. 
  • At this stage, a client is much more likely to purchase your service again.

Now that we are aware of how a sales funnel looks like let's dive deeper into what tactics to use and how. 

The most common approach is to provide valuable content that helps the potential client with a problem he has. The usual suspects are; infographics, videos, Q&A content, and blog posts. 

Nevertheless, all of this is worth nothing if there is no proper lead funnel in place, including a CRM to capture all leads. Also, as mentioned above, the tactic should always revolve around providing value. 

Sounds good, but how exactly do I execute the B2B sales funnel?

B2B sales persons
B2B Sales - By Thiess Consulting

Well, let me walk you through a funnel that I have successfully used in the past, and that has proven to produce excellent results.

  1. Create shareable content like an industry report, how to do something, or a beautiful infographic.
  2. Don't forget to include a footer to your content piece leading the prospect to your landing page to capture the lead. Best case: You have a dedicated landing page for capturing these leads. 
  3. Share it across your network and channels. Make sure to tag a few industry leaders or prospects in the post on LinkedIn and Twitter to ensure they enter the conversation and notice you. Side note: please make sure the content is relevant to them; otherwise, it might be perceived as spam.
  4. Share the link to the content piece with potential clients, informing them that this might be relevant to them.
  5. Make sure to have a follow-up content piece in place that reveals more information after the sign-up process has been completed. 
  6. Over time, your lead list should grow, generating a long-lasting asset for your business.

A great B2B lead funnel is worth nothing if you can't close a deal, especially when providing services. If you want to learn more about negotiations, I can highly recommend "Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It by Chris Voss

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

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