5 Ideas On How To Improve Your DApp's Conversion Rate

An astonishing 153 applications died in September 2019 alone*, and it's been getting worse throughout the past months. 

*According to the newest edition of the State Of The DApps Blog

Over the years, I have seen countless DApp's fail, and while there can be multiple reasons as to why a project flops, many times failing to market a DApp properly is the most important reason. 

You cannot afford to ignore marketing when planning your DApp. That's right, often, especially in tech, management, and project managers tend to focus on two things first;

  • Finding developers
  • Getting the product shipped

And while there is nothing wrong with these items, merely relying on having blockchain in your DApp description won't get you anywhere once the product is shipped. 

How To Avoid Certain (DApp) Death

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Let's assume you have done your research and have implemented the most common marketing strategies and techniques. You even have hired a social media manager to create engaging content, yet, you feel stuck; you don't get as many users as you had wished for. 

Here are five ideas on how to creatively market your DApp, helping you increase the overall conversion rate and, hence, acquire new customers. 

1. Cross Promotion

Form partnerships and collaborations to extend your user-base.

Most projects have a sufficient content marketing strategy in place; however, the advantages of a (content) partnership can be significant. 

Let's say you have a DApp that is using some technology of company XYZ. Write that company and ask for a collaboration. Make sure the partnership is a win-win.  

For example, you could write an article on how this technology of company XYZ helped you deliver a particular service to your users that everybody loves now. Then have that article released and reshared throughout both company networks. 

Cross Promotion will not only gain you more followers but also generate more trust and awareness.

2. Create a Giveaway Campaign

Giveaway campaign example
Source: https://www.rafflecopter.com

Incentivize users to enter your giveaway by taking actions across Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

  • Use a service like Rafflecopter to create, setup, and plan your campaign.
  • Make use of the "refer a friend" feature, which will also be covered later in this article.
  • Let users solve easy challenges on social media to get the chance to win the grand prize.
  • Be creative and use something related to your niche or product as a giveaway. 
  • Please spread the news and share it across all social networks, as well as your email list. 
  • Giveaway campaigns will also help you build your email list. 

Make sure your prize is worth the effort. If you are marketing a game, get a new Playstation as the prize and then maybe some smaller prices as well. 

3. Search Engine Optimise your Content 

Let's continue with something fundamental, yet not enough people are paying adequate attention to it - SEO. 

Frequently I see projects setting up their blog in a hurry without establishing some SEO rules to follow for their content creators.

Let's start with the basics, step-by-step:

1: Keyword Research

  • Identify your content goals, for example, creating the go-to guide on how to use your DApp properly. 
  • Find two main keywords using Ad Words campaign manager or Google Trends to get more organic traffic to your page.
  • Form long-tail keywords like "How to use DApp XYZ."
  • Pro-Tip: Use questions in your main headline and answer them in your article. Google likes relevant content that answers questions of its users (also crucial for voice). 

2: Prepare your content for Google Search 

  • Add proper meta descriptions including a title tag (The most effective page titles are about 40-70 characters long) and a meta description (For optimum effectiveness, meta descriptions should be 160-300 characters long.)
  • Set up of H1-H6 headlines and only use H1 once for your main headline. Pro-Tip: Remember to include your main keyword(s) here as well as in the meta descriptions).
  • Use descriptive ALT tags for your pictures and filenames to enable disabled people to understand your content (machines will read that description to a blind person, for example).
  • Create a link with SEO-friendly text (primary keywords in the anchor text)
  • Submit your content through Google Search Console to make sure Google crawls it and to find possible errors. 
  • Pro-Tip: check your blogpost's index status from time to time to make sure it is still accurately ranking. 
  • Optimize your post for page speed by using services like TinyPNG to compress your pictures properly and therefore ensuring sufficient page load speeds on mobile. 

Custom Business Tools

If you haven't already, set up Google business tools to measure the success of your campaign. 

  • Google Analytics: Setup and integrate as per industry best practices
  • GA Goal Configuration: Track events on-site to trigger "goals" in Google Analytics to track conversions across key sections
  • Google Tag Manager: Setup to allow content managers to set up custom scripts on-site for behavior tracking or affiliate management without the need for any developer

There is more to it, but for starters, this is a great foundation to execute your content marketing campaign and see results. It will take some weeks and months to take effect, but it's a long-term game, and if you stick to these basics, you will win it!

4. Tell A Friend

Create an invite system, letting the users promote your app for free and give them something in return.

This technique is well established outside of the DApp ecosystem as it helps Apps increase their user-base significantly without much effort. 

Let's say you have a medieval-themed Blockchain Game that uses NFTs for its items. 

  • Create a campaign that rewards both the user and invited friend with a free starter-kit (armor, sword, and shield) if his buddy signed up using the invite link.
  • I don't recommend using an in-game token here as items have more personal and emotional value to the user. 
  • Don't forget to make the achievement shareable!

With this system, you can easily double your users, especially in the beginning. 

5. Story-Driven Community Engagement 

Girl reading a book
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

While it has been common practice in Marketing to engage in Q&A content to establish authority and drive traffic to your website, one minor detail is often overlooked; Telling an appealing story!

It's been mentioned by numerous marketing gurus already, but here it is again, humans are story-driven and can remember stories better than some random facts about your product. 

So what should you do?

  • Go to places like Reddit, Twitter, or Bitcointalk and look out for people having a specific issue that could be resolved by using your DApp. 
  • Think about a story or anecdote you could write as a response that relates to the person having an issue and solving it with your product. For example, there might be a user who is having problems finding a DApp that protects his privacy. 
  • Reply with a personal story on why privacy is a particular concern for you — ultimately leading you to develop this DApp that takes great pride in its security measures because of this. 
  • Don't forget to include an about the author section with a link to your product's website.

If you have done this right, each reply should earn you increased impressions, likes, reshares, mentions, engagement, and awareness. 

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