I consult Blockchain-driven Projects on building & executing impactful marketing & content strategies 

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How I Work

Marketing experience delivered through my proven three-step process; Marketing Strategy, Execution, and Results.
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Marketing Strategy

After carefully assessing the feasibility of your project, I will develop a Marketing Strategy tailored to your business's needs. The detailed, step-by-step strategy, along with the budget plan, and roadmap will help your team to get started and enable you to hire proper resources.

You will not only save time and budget; you will also get the advantage of being able to focus on what matters most - your business!

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Marketing Strategy Consulting

Marketing Execution

Creating an appealing, story-driven press release that captures the interest of the journalists is vital to ensure your project receives coverage of publications targeting your audience.

I work in close collaboration with Quadriga Communication, a top-notch PR agency specializing in the financial and blockchain niche as well as AssetVisory that helps organizations tokenize assets to achieve an investment case that converts.

Through our contact list of journalists, we can arrange interviews and event coverage to get the most out of your company announcement.

Marketing and PR Consulting


Using my detailed performance report, you will be able to receive valuable insights to prepare your next Marketing campaign successfully.

Don't have a CRM or Marketing Performance Tracking tool? I will generate a weekly report of all marketing activities, if requested in Excel, to make sure no data is missing.

Marketing Performance Reporting

Marketing Consulting Services

Marketing Strategy Consulting

Developing a marketing strategy requires a structured process. First, I will identify and understand the big picture, then break it down to key-value and performance drivers, define tailored approaches, and create a roadmap for the path to success.

Marketing Consulting

I aim at delivering not only a prosperous marketing strategy but also supporting you on execution. I will build a highly converting marketing funnel and assist you in setting up and running all desired channels. From content marketing and SEO to social media and design, I've got you covered.

Investor & Public Relations

Press releases and advertorials provide an effective way to convey your message to your target audience. Through my story-driven approach, I ensure your business will benefit from media coverage while building credibility for your brand.

Performance Reporting

I evaluate the status quo as well as the progress achieved by our marketing strategy to effectively adjust your marketing spending. My long-lasting experience as a founder, helps me understand your business as well as spotting patterns to react accordingly.

Are you looking For Blockchain Marketing Experts?
I have successfully consulted several innovative Blockchain, AI, and Tech Projects, including; Xain, DASH, Share&Charge, Wombat, and Sono Motors.
  • Blockchain Marketing
  • Project Feasibility Assessment
  • Token Marketing Strategy Consulting
  • Token Marketing Execution Consulting
  • PR

Blockchain Advisory

I'm the official Marketing Advisor for DASH Next


Are you looking for a reputable and reliable Marketing Consultant to support your project? Let's chat!


Why Me?

I work hard to ensure the success of your project. I achieve that by utilizing my vast experience in tech, combined with a broad network of experts who have been working with me for years.
Marcel Thiess
Marketing Director

Content Marketing

I'm a regular guest author at industry-leading publications like egamers.io and VentureBeat and have successfully performed several content marketing campaigns for clients.

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General Services

Having consulted countless businesses on SEO - successfully ranking them on top of the search results, I feel confident that your organic traffic will grow significantly.

Not sure how to present your company on Social Media? I'm a specialist when it comes to creating highly engaging content making you stand out and build an audience that converts.

Are you still missing the most crucial part of your marketing funnel? I will create an SEO optimized and responsive website!

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Social Media Management

  • Landingpage Design


About Me

Competition across most industries is tough, to come out on top of the game, and effectively address a suitable audience, each element of the marketing mix needs follow an overall strategy.

I utilize omy vast background in marketing and blockchain-technology to consult companies on building and executing impactful marketing and content strategies. I'm a strong advocate for decentralization and its benefits for our society.


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